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Glazing Phrasing: Terms of the Trade

Not understanding your contractor, estimator, or workers!? This post will help better communicate with everyone on site!

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Right now the Bay Area is booming in the real estate field and everything that comes with it. Many more homes are in a state of remodel, demolition, and reconstruction, all over San Francisco and the surrounding areas. As a homeowner these larger projects can be daunting, confusing, and sometimes frustrating, especially if there is a breakdown in communication. Communicating your needs and concerns can sometimes be difficult to a seasoned professional and vice versa. We here at California Shower Door want to make sure we are all on the same page and that we can all better communicate so that you can get exactly what you want. So we have compiled a list of commonly used terms with definitions so that you are better prepared for not only your new glass install but for any construction project!

  • Glazing: the act of installing glass.
  • Estimate: pricing given by an estimator that reflects your needs and wants with complete measurements (ideally).
  • Lead Time: the time it takes for glazing to occur, starting from date of deposit. 
  • Level: a horizontal line of condition, for example, on a curb or tub. 
  • Plumb: the vertical surface is truly flat, using a level to determine.
  • Curb/Tub Curb: the raised portion of an enclosure, located at the entrance.
  • Slope: similar to plumb it is the angle of a curb, for example, going either towards or away from the drain. 
  • Feature Strip: a special set of tile or change in tile, typically spanning horizontally on the walls of a shower. 
  • Bow/Bubble: the space coming from or going into the surface of where we are installing. 
  • Satin: another term for frosted glass.
  • Lami: glass panels laminated and stuck together.
  • Starphire: another term for low iron glass, which is glass with a minimum of tinting due to its reduced iron content. 


Now that you know the basic terms, you are better prepared for our visit for a free estimate!


As always, please feel free to look at our workour other products, or contact us!


Protecting Your Glass! Cleaning methods, Diamond Seal, and Showerguard.

Often we are asked how we keep glass as clean as we do and how do customers keep it clean. There is no industry secret or complicated methods, but just simple maintenance and a single spray.

We often see dirty glass, silicone, and tile. Mold, soap scum, and water stains are fairly common and most people don't know how to prevent it! We suggest you do the following, whether you have a frame-less or semi-framed unit:


  • Wipe off the glass after every shower with a squeegee or microfiber cloth.
  • Make sure there is no standing water on the unit or silicone.
  • Purchase Diamond Seal or Showerguard if it is a new unit or a very clean existing unit.


We sell an industry standard cleaning spray called Hi-Sheen. We use it to clean all of our glass products and other glass surfaces. It can be used as needed with a micro fiber cloth. in conjunction with that, we always recommend a water repellent product such as Diamond Seal or Showerguard.


Diamond Seal is a liquid polymer coating we apply onto the glass which helps water bead off of the glass. It seals the pores of the glass so contaminants cannot enter the pores. It does require minor maintenance depending on use. We provide all customers with a kit that includes reactivation liquid, water stain remover, glass cleaner, sponge, and micro fiber wipe. We also provide Showerguard glass. It does the same thing, however, instead of a liquid film, the formula is baked into the glass. 

For glass that has already been stained, we also sell "Gamma Cream", which is a rough fluid meant to try and remove water stains that have not had time to settle into the glass. 

All of our cleaning fluids and sprays can be purchased in the office or shipped to your location.

If you follow these methods and recommendations, your glass will look like new years down the line! 

As always, please feel free to look at our workour other products, or contact us!