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California Shower Door Company advertisement, 1935

California Shower Door Company advertisement, 1935


California Shower Door is founded in San Francisco. 

Until 1935, shower doors are manufactured much like windows, interior/exterior doors, store fronts and other building products in the construction industry. The openings are made to fit the product. California Shower Door Company breaks tradition by manufacturing a door that fits the finished opening.


California Shower Door introduces custom shower doors, panel and door inline,  "daylight 90°", and 135° neo-angle stall showers.

With the advent of World War II, aluminum and metal become scarce, and California Shower Door adapts by manufacturing all-plastic framed doors. Because of high wages in the shipyards and the dramatic slowdown in the residential construction industry, California Shower Door also converts to electroplating, providing critical military components to the shipyards. At the end of the war, the company resumes the manufacturing of aluminum shower doors and introduces a double slide unit for both tubs and shower receptors.


California Shower Door Company is acquired by George Walker, Jr. and Stewart Cross and incorporated in March.


Tom Nolan is hired in the summer while a junior at St. Ignatius high school.


George Walker retires and Stewart Cross becomes the sole owner. The Majestic Shower Company is formed as a division of California Shower Door Corporation to manufacture high-end shower enclosures, gaining recognition as innovative leaders in the shower enclosure industry. 


The companies are sold by Stewart Cross to the employees.  Stewart Cross believes that, ultimately, the employees are what have made California Shower Door a success and they should be rewarded for their efforts over the years.

California Shower Door Corporation and The Majestic Shower Company are now 100% employee owned and operated, with Tom Nolan serving as President and CEO and Marcos Canizales occupying the role of Vice President. The employees successfully (with record sales for 2004) complete the transition from "employee" to "ownership," while at the same time maintaining and expanding the company's rich history and reputation.

2010 to today

California Shower Door expands its product offerings to include glass guardrails, wind screens, glass counter tops, mirrors and interior/exterior glazing systems. As testament to its history, the company has furthered the design possibilities of each of these product offerings.

Whether with shower doors in 1935, or glass guardrails today, the company remains the industry leader in design, fabrication and installation excellence.