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Going Coastal! Introducing the Gridscape.

We are proud to announce we are Northern California's provider for Coastal Shower Doors!

Over the past 5 years or so we have received many inquiries regarding shower door enclosures that resemble the old framed window pane look of warehouses. Until now, we have always been forced to recommend expensive custom metal fabricated units. These Gridscape units have a fantastic vintage look with a modern, sleek design. See below to take a look for yourself!

These units typically come in 1/4" glass of various types. The Oil Rubbed Bronze finish is a deep, dark bronze which can be almost be assumed black. They also come in a polished chrome finish. The amount of panes and their size is custom, so you can be free to get what you want  and how you want it. We are excited to be able to provide these wonderful units! 

If you are interested in this product, or one of the many others we provide, please contact us for a free estimate!