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Curve your enthusiasm with bent glass.

Bent glass railing in Hillsborough. Also pictured is resident photographer amateur Marcos Canizales. 

Bent stair glass meeting floor railings attached to custom posts made in house. 

It should be no surprise to anyone reading this that we provide this custom, elegant, and stunning option to our glass. Bent glass is another service we provide on top of our overflowing pile of "things we do and excel at".


Having bent glass in the home is a great way of showing off your unique style and a truly original look to railings, frame-less showers, wine rooms, or whatever else you want! The options are limitless. We can add any hole, notch, or cut into the glass to best accommodate any situation to try and give you the tightest fit possible. 


Bent glass cannot be less than 3/8" thick, but it can be laminated and tempered. 


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