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We Drilled in every room! A home filled with our glass.

In this business, we see and do a lot of cool and unique work. This job in particular was one that really showcased not only our work, but it also enabled us to focus on what it takes to get a job like this done from start to finish. Originally this job was introduced to Tom Nolan via email and a set of plans. Typically, Tom does the plans, provides a rough budget based on what is listed, and then awaits the client to inform us when the job is ready to measure. It went to me, Alex, to focus the budget with a few emails and design changes which led to me going on site and starting my measurements.

The home in San Francisco

The initial visit, the free estimate, was to get a feel for the site as a whole as the tile was not ready in some of the showers. I was able to get rough sizing of the showers and start to get an idea about the mirrors. Once everything was ready I was able to measure. There was a lot of back and forth about design, location, and style. While we are considered a contractor we are also a designer in a sense that our units aren't just enclosures, but focal points in bathrooms, wine rooms, offices, etc. Thus, our expertise, experience, and advice is crucial to assuring the client gets exactly what they want, assuming it is within the realm of possibility.

This job was a decent size, with four shower doors, four mirrors, and stair railings. With a job like this, full of many design changes and many visits, mistakes can happen. Unfortunately, the original mirror pictured to the right had came in without bevels. Luckily, we use mirror mastic, which is a industry standard glue, that when properly heated can be easily removed and allow us to replace the mirror as needed. As mistakes come, I am glad this was a simple one which was taken care of immediately.  

Once the shower doors and mirrors were installed the railings came next. Since I was the original estimator on site, I was able to discuss their plans for glass railings and discovered that they were going to use special and expensive hardware for a stand-off set up. I had mentioned we do that all of the time without the need of special hardware. I had asked for the plans and once I received them I forwarded them to Marcos Canizales, VP and head of railings. He was able to achieve exactly what the clients had wanted and at a fraction of the cost! Below you can see the railings as well as all of the other work we installed. 

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