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It's Hip To Be Square!

More times than we can count, we get asked if we can do what most other glazing companies can't or will not do. It has become a mantra of sorts that when asked said question we reply, "that's our specialty!" Below are photos of an enclosure that may seem daunting to others, but is right up our alley! 

Tony Contreras, one of our senior estimators, was able to provide a beautiful enclosure to a somewhat unusual (not so much to us) set up. When asked about this project, Tony had this to say:

This particular job was unique. It had to make sense to the Designer, and most importantly, with the needs and practical use for the homeowners without going overboard. The job is located in Orinda and it took 2 trips to complete and, as you can see, the ultimate result is fantastic! It pays off when you plan things the right way!
— Tony Contreras, Estimator

This unit was created using our low-iron Starphire glass and rounded square clips. Using the Starphire glass was a great choice as you see the stunning stone work inside the unit while also giving the bathroom space and depth that standard clear glass wouldn't have achieved. 

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